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Troll Town

An NFT collection inspired by the infamous GoblinTown. A collection promoted from scratch to end in under 3 days. 10,000 NFTs were sold-out and with over $3.500.000 in secondary volumes.


Troll Town was looking for a full A-Z marketing campaign to create ultimate hype in order to sell out their collection. The entire project was conducted in 5 days from start until sell-out. The whole purpose was to create as much hype as possible.

The results

Over 13.000 people registered for the whitelist and the collection sold out in less than 5min.

Troll Town got trending 3 days in a row on Opensea, above BAYC and Cryptopunks.

Reached over $3.5 million worth of secondary market volumes and reached over 90.000 followers in just 5 days.

Teamed up with big influencers such as Ronaldinho, Soulja boy & Kevin Susanto.

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