Building the next big metaverse world is not a walk in the park but it’s quite straight forward. Promoting metaverse world’s is all about three things: storytelling - giving the audience a taste of the dreamworld, credibility and having a compelling value proposition.

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vEmpire DDAO is the world's first Decentralized Metaverse Investment Organization.

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Marketcap increase

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With so many misunderstandings around crypto and the blockchain, the everyday marketing playbook won’t suffice in this industry. We have seen, tested and evaluated it all in order to come with the ultimate blue print strategy and overview of services with proven success records.

Growing and building trust to increase the community and the total locked value (TVL).

The DeFi space is developing quickly with all kinds of new emerging applications and derivatives every day. Building a strong community is often found to be a lot tougher than in any of the spheres of the crypto industry.

How to advertise your metaverse world?

It is essential to understand what you’re trying to promote, is it the in-game assets as NFTs, is the native token for its ecosystem or is it to increase the number of users. When it comes to an upcoming metaverse world which is yet to be released its important to apply the following activities:

Content, content, content !This is very important, even if the world is far from being build. It is vital to have breathtaking teaser & game play video’s showcasing how the future world will look like. People need to be able imagine how the world will look and how game-changing this will be.

Once prepared all visuals, now we need to focus on attracting users to your project. First of, run contests and apply growth hack technqiues on them so you get a high engagement. Try to tag at least 50.000 to 100.000 users to your contests so your follower count quicky rises over the 25k mark. Create social proof so newcomers get more confidence in the project. In the meantime, you’re releasing great content and organising weekly Twitter Spaces and AMA’s.

Once you have a beginning of a community, start collaborating with other projects. Partner-up with top tier projects such Doodles, Cryptopunks and more. Provide their community members a customized offering this requires some creativity. Setup collaborations with 50 projects and keep running your contests. Seek for a few Metaverse focused KOLs who can retweet and endorse your messages. This is mainly used for social proof of the project.

The main platform the focus on is Twitter and either Telegram or Discord, depending on where you’re hosting your community. Don’t waste time on Instagram or other platforms.  Organise Twitter Spaces with other communities and get yourself invitied on Podcasts.

When it comes to promoting a metaverse project the bottom line of the strategy is that you need high quality content creation in combination with continuous traffic sources and strong community management. Organise games, cross collabs, twitter spaces etc. If you remain consistent with applying the right hashtags, your community will grow.

For a full indepth approach, feel free to reach out to our team of experts for a free cosultation session.

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Pokemon planned to enter the NFT & GameFi world by creating 10.200 NFTs which would be usable in their soon to be released play2earn game.

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Malbon Golf

Web 2 into Web 3

Malbon Golf

Malbon Golf was looking to make the transition to web3 by creating NFTs called Bucket Club. The NFTs came to life to stimulate and grow a tight community around the brand. It’s a futuristic approach to a loyalty program/members club. We were hired to sell out Buckets Club and create positive brand awareness.

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vEmpire DDAO is the world's first Decentralized Metaverse Investment Organization.

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