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Ultimate Guide to NFT Marketing in 2022

April 1, 2022

Are you planning to enter the NFT madness and create your own collection, but you don’t have a clear plan oridea where to start? Do you have NFT an collection out with an empty discord and no sales?

Sit back, this guide is for you, created by Kryptonite Agency ( one of the most successful NFT agencies in the industry.

Creating and selling NFTs requires a very specific strategy which constantly changes. Since 2021the NFT market has seen an explosion in interest. Every day the number of artists and collections is growing andplatforms get more and more traffic. This means that your chances to be seenare reducing. Creating genericJPEGs and hoping to walk out as a millionaire is a very big misconception...

Instead, it’simportant to be unique and create value to your community. Always ask yourselfthe question: “why should someone buy it; would you buy it?” Other element is,how easy explainable is your vision? Try to stay away from very complex idea’s,generally they don’t do very well. Another theme which we see often, and this mightsound harsh but it’s the unfortunate truth, people don’t care about charitiesin the NFT space. We have seen many charity oriented NFT collections fail,there is an easy explanation to it. Majority of the market are youngsters whoare buying NFTs to “flip”. Buying at mint and selling for a profit shortlyafter. It is important to keep your real target audience in mind when creatingyour collection.

Now let’s talk about NFT marketing,and ways you can promote your NFT.

Get your story straight.

An important element is contentcreation, with this we mean, being very active on social media and putting outcontent. Content is King. This includes video’s, images, interviews and more.This is how the outside world will perceive your collection and vision. Thecontent should be a combination of “educational posts”, “exciting posts” (wowDiscord grew by xx%), “Fun content”, “Giveaway/contests posts” and more.  Ideally your first Twitter post is somethingmysterious announcing the collection using a 3D video. This makes it appealingand is a good start of to an exciting story. This should be followed up bydaily content until the mint day.  

List your drop to the NFT calendars

There are a bunch of websiteswhich allow creators to list theirdrops. Calendars help creators and buyers connect to each other in the easiestway. One of my favorite calendars is NFTdroops.It has the simplest design, without distracting ads. A place where people spendtime browsing NFT events. Ideally, you cover all the mainstream calendars.

Social Media

Twitter and Instagram are the most effective social media you can use to promote your NFT.

What you can do on Social media?

  • Consistently create and deliverhigh-quality content.
  • Join communities and share your art there.
  • Use twitter spaces and talk about what you do.
  • Host a giveaway & competitions.
  • Be transparent, SHOW THE TEAM, talk to your community.
  • Leave small cues behind so people start speculating.
  • Post regular AMA sessions.
  • Use the trending hashtags.
  • Know your target audience and theirmotivations.
  • Follow and unfollow technique (At the beginning).

Initiate the collaboration with other collections

Team up with other projects and run cross promo’s. It’s important to connect with asmany people as possible to expand your reach. If you have a look at some of themost successful collections, they all did over 15+ cross promotions with othercollection prior to mint. Organizing combined events such as AMA’s, pokertournaments, Quizzes and more.

Use themed groups on telegram and discord

Joining themed groups is another effective way to promote your NFT.Here the most important thing is to not spam every 5 minutes. Don’t do likeothers. Try to find something different and unique.

All these strategies take time and energy to accomplish. Now let’sdiscuss paid ways of NFT promotions.And the result you’ll feel immediately.

Get to the featured drops on themarketplace

This kind of promotion should be discussed with marketplace admins.Some marketplaces have a separate page of featured NFTs. This means that you'llget more attention than others inside the marketplace. In addition, you may beshared on their social media accounts too.

Run sponsored giveaways

Running giveaways are a goodtechnique to get initial traction to your channels. Allows your Twitter page toreach quickly 10k followers etc. Of course, those are not the highest qualityaudience, most of them are there to just win the prize money and leave.However, no one wants to be first, it’s a great party starter to kick of thecampaign.  

Include influencers

Do you need social proof, awareness? Want people to talk about yourart? Then the biggest impact in your NFT promotion you’ll feel when you include influencers. Find authority influencers and start collaborating with them.

Finding influencers don’t consider only followers. Pay attention totheir content, what engagements they get from the audience, how they deliverthe promotion etc… In short, pay attention to details. Lastly, make the most from your influencers,re-use the content they made and use it as promotional material (create clipsfrom it for ads).

Let popular media talk about yourdrop

It’ll make a huge impact when you write an article about yourcollection and distribute it on popular and themed media. It’s a paidpromotion, but it is keytechnique to increase credibility for your project. Further, often to get a“blue” verification check mark on Twitter, Opensea or other marketplaces, PRarticles are required.

To rank high on Google, research and discover high volume but low competition keywordsfor your article. Keyword research should be implemented before writing an article.

Get DiscordChatters                                                      

Often times you see Discord servers being emptyand “dead”. There is no one talking making it very boring and not appealing tonewcomers. To keep your Discord alive, especially in the early days, itsrecommended to use so called “chatters”. Those are people who will continuouslychat in your Discord and keep up a good atmosphere.

Let’s talk pure sales focusedtechniques

Whitelist booster

Team up with some experts in the industry toget the extra push needed to fill up your whitelist spots. Whitelist booster isAI driven technique to reach the right people on Twitter / IG and streamlineinto a sales funnel with the goal to get them on your whitelist. It containsdifferent activities from Mass DMs using ManyChats (chatbot that automatesgetting and keeping customers happy), millions of Twitter mentions and more.Many of the most successful projects have utilized this unique, includinginvisible friends.

Crowd Marketing

How do you create hype and FOMO(fear of missing out)? One of the techniques used is crowd marketing. Here agroup of 20+ marketers infiltrate the leading NFT communities on Discord in anorganic manner. They start steering the narrative and introduce your project inthe leading blue chip NFT communities. It is an often technique used before acertain event takes place, this could “WL opening, mint day,…”.

Alpha groups

Alpha groups are strongestablished, often private communities with large buying power who team up andbuy certain NFTs. Often, they get incentivized by the project with “pre-salediscounts” etc. Looking at the large NFT collections, most of them were backedby various alpha groups or even venture capitals who buy large quantities.


  • To get better results, creators shoulddevise a marketing strategy for their NFT project first.
  • Teams’ involvement and commitment is one of the most important things.
  • The process of building a community is amarathon that requires artists to stay connected through a steady stream ofactivities.
  • Make your team public!
  • Connect with other collections & hire experts to for certainactivities that you can’t do yourself. It’s important that the full scope iscovered.
  • Really think your plan through before you get started.