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The Kryptonite Strategy team has a background of traditional marketing with deep crypto knowledge.

Our founders started in the crypto space since early 2016.

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Our core management team


Founder & Managing Director


Project Manager


Project Manager


Account Manager


Social media manager


Crowd Marketing Expert


Legal consultant


Web3 Tech Lead


Traffic wizard


Web developer


Strategic advisor


Business Development

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Join our growing team, learn about our exciting opportunities. Get a chance to work with some passionate, talented and creative individuals.

UI Designer

Take design briefs to understand requirements. Translating requirements into style guides, design systems, design patterns and attractive user interfaces. Creating a visualization of screens within a prototype framework. Identifying design problems and devising elegant solutions.

Copy writer

Writing clear, compelling copy for various mediums (e.g. ads, blog posts, newsletters) Conducting thorough research and interviews.

Social media manager

Being responsible for planning, developing, implementing and managing strategies for the social media accounts of a crypto and NFT projects.

Content Creative

Creating content which will catch maximum customer interest. Writing and reviewing content for websites, social media pages and public communications. Optimise Search Engine Optimization driven content and increase the site traffic.