Understand the DeFi users and all the sub-niches in order to design and deploy powerful growth channels.

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EcoWatt is a socially-minded renewable energy company. Its goal: is to revolutionize the energy market through the use of blockchain. Allowing users and companies to benefit from carbon offset certificates

  • Successful IDO & CEX, Ecowatt has 5,000+ token holders.
  • Full rebranding of website & pitch deck.
  • Ecowatt raised +100 million dollars from the VC round.
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With so many misunderstandings around crypto and the blockchain, the everyday marketing playbook won’t suffice in this industry. We have seen, tested and evaluated it all in order to come with the ultimate blue print strategy and overview of services with proven success records.

Growing and building trust to increase the community and the total locked value (TVL).

The DeFi space is developing quickly with all kinds of new emerging applications and derivatives every day. Building a strong community is often found to be a lot tougher than in any of the spheres of the crypto industry.

Why is the Total Locked Value (TVL) so important?

TVL is the total value under staking in a Decentralized Finance protocol or a smart contract. The total value locked determines the yield and the usability of DeFi applications.  An increase in TVL shows the popularity, usability, and value of a project. A rise in the price of a digital asset increases the TVL and signifies the network’s growing popularity.

How do you grow your community & TVL ?

Promoting your DeFi requires a distinct strategy where educating the audience and providing high quality content is key. The DeFi space is very particular and niche, promoting a project which runs on XTZ is completely different from one on the Cardano chain. It is essential that you infiltrate the correct communities and do a variety of growth hack techniques, Twitter spaces, cross collabs, content creation and more.

Growth hack techniques include ways to draw the attention of your scraped / filtered target audience and bring them in direct contact with your project. You combine those activities with a viral strategy on Twitter so your post goes viral and starts to get trending under the right #hashtag. Now you’re receiving the required organic reach to grow. Next step is converting the viewers into community members. Now, high quality content and social proof come into the picture. Create continuous thumb stopping content and storytelling where you educate the viewers on your project’s vision / roadmap and more. Use social proof activities such as PR, influencers, partnership announcements, … to add credibility to your project and give potential investors the confidence to stick around. Combine these activities with active Twitter spaces and other community activities and you’re on the right path.

Kryptonite experience with the DeFi space?

We have collaborated with over 30 different DeFi projects. Raised over $120 million in investments and gathered over 500.000 combined token holders for our partnered projects. Our services vary from becoming early partners and promoting the upcoming IDO’s to assisting with content creation with large established projects.

For a full indepth approach, feel free to reach out to our team of experts for a free cosultation session.

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EcoWatt is a socially-minded renewable energy company. Its goal: is to revolutionize the energy market through the use of blockchain. Allowing users and companies to benefit from carbon offset certificates.

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