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Enter the web 3 space and follow the biggest companies in the world. Attract a younger generation, add a technological flair to your branding and prepare for the future. The six trillion dollar industry is awaiting you.

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Malbon Golf was looking to make the transition to web3 by creating NFTs called Bucket Club. The NFTs came to life to stimulate and grow a tight community around the brand. It’s a futuristic approach to a loyalty program/members club.

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With so many misunderstandings around crypto and the blockchain, the everyday marketing playbook won’t suffice in this industry. We have seen, tested and evaluated it all in order to come with the ultimate blue print strategy and overview of services with proven success records.

Growing and building trust to increase the community and the total locked value (TVL).

The DeFi space is developing quickly with all kinds of new emerging applications and derivatives every day. Building a strong community is often found to be a lot tougher than in any of the spheres of the crypto industry.


Web 2.0 is the current version of the web with which we are all familiar, while Web 3.0 represents its next phase, which will be decentralized, open, and of greater utility.

It’s an exciting time for innovators, new opportunities to landscape the future. The transition to web 3 can be seen as almost a reset where new innovators can accelerate and take over the traditional companies we know today. From fashion to gaming, infrastructure to even service providers, web 3 will allow companies to engage with its users / customers / partners to levels never experienced before with new revenue streams.

The agenda in the Web3 marketing world is pushing for greater community initiative and engagement, where brands find it important to be a part of communities, bringing together people with common goals and giving everyone an equal opportunity to make decisions, such as in DAOs. It’s mantra is “power to the people”. The transition will allow people to experience a brand in a new immersive way which results in greater brand loyalty and in turn larger market shares.

How can you enter web 3?

Web3 is rapidly becoming mainstream, and major brands & technology firms are taking positions and experimenting. There is limitless potential in the web 3 space, from Metaverse, allowing for new kinds of interaction online to tokenization, DAO’s, NFTs and a lot more.

Tokenization & NFTs are the most common use cases. Are you looking to create a more loyalty and attract a younger audience then releasing your own NFT collection could be the way to go. Make sure to connect “utilities” to those NFTs. Utilities are basically services / perks that bring value to the NFT. This could range from receiving special discounts, access to exclusive events, special merchandise, ….

The web 3 space and opportunities go far beyond that, we believe that over-time majority of leading companies will go over towards a decentralized governance with a DAO at the center point. DAO stands for “Decentralized Autonomous Organization”, it basically means, a user led-organization with no central authority profiting on the back of the users. This creates more transparency surrounding decisions, giving everyone more visibility and leaving no one feeling like they are left in the dark on why changes are being implemented. Of course, this is a gradual process where you start by giving users access to only a very small part of the honeypot.

Our team of experts are here to share our feedback and discuss with you how to enter the web 3 space and remain on top of the market.

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Malbon Golf

Web 2 into Web 3

Malbon Golf

Malbon Golf was looking to make the transition to web3 by creating NFTs called Bucket Club. The NFTs came to life to stimulate and grow a tight community around the brand. It’s a futuristic approach to a loyalty program/members club. We were hired to sell out Buckets Club and create positive brand awareness.

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Gustav Klimt

Web 2 into Web 3

Gustav Klimt

The Belvedere museum was looking to enter the web3 space by creating fractionalized ownership in form of NFTs of one of the world’s most famous paintings of Gustav Klimt called “The Kiss”.

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Web 2 into Web 3


Onemizer is a French street artist looking to enter the Web3 space by creating NFTs. His first creation was called “The vandalized Lugia”. He combined the digital world with the physical one by providing everyone with a physical print of his artwork. We helped him get noticed by the NFT community and sell his collection.

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